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Description for Image 1:
Stephen's sim from around x-mas. We made more pics, but I haven't gotten all of them from Stephen yet.
You can see that there is an test-"enclosure" around the sim.
The two monitors both run flightgear (well not at the time of this shot obviously :), each from a different computer.
The upper one is used for the outside view, the lower one with the "gauge-mask" (cardboard with pieces of pringles potato chip tubes glued to the round cut-outs), similar to "tigert" Tuomas setup.
Since flightgear has networking built-in (similar to wideview, just better), the lower screen runs flightgear in slaved mode with a fullscreen GA IFR panel.
Description for Image 2:
Stephen built his sim so he could switch between heli and normal planes. That includes the ability to swap the cyclic stick of the helo with the yoke for the prop/jets, as seen here.
Description for Image 3:
Seat, yoke, and throttle. Pedestal still empty, but in work. PCBs are designed, etched, drilled, and now wait for soldering. The Display out controller board for PHCC is also nearly finished, just have to finish drilling and start soldering.
The (slanted part of) pedestal will be filled with:
  • NAV 1/2
  • COM 1/2
  • ADF
  • GPS

That'll make over 50 7-segment displays... so two Display Out modules (each capable of driving up to 48 7-segment displays, including decimal point, each PCB is half euro-size [=80x100mm]) will do.

Description for Image 4:
The yoke. Made from out old 747 parts, with the control column bent using a hot air gun. The yoke module can be easily replaced by plugging in the stick module instead. This is very nice.
Description for Image 5:
This is Stephen's Test Pilot, Callie. A testimony to Stephen's cockpit seat: its one of the cat's favorite places in the house.
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