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Description for Image 1:
This shows how I made my AP disengage bar for the MCP.
The method is simple and cheap: using a hot glue gun and a mold where I poured the hot glue into.
My mold is a part of a standard audio tape box as seen in this picture.
To allow an easy removal of the cooled down glue, I used paper around the "walls" so I could get the molded part out easily.
Description for Image 2:
The size of the audio tape box is a little larger than what I need for the disengage bar, but the molded piece gets cut to size later.
Description for Image 3:
Here the glue is cooled down.
Description for Image 4:
carefully pulling the piece out of its mold. The audio tape box is still usable :-)
Description for Image 5:
Removing the paper involves lukewarm water and rubbing off the paper with fingers. The kind of paper I used proved to be a very good choice: thin catalogue paper (from my favourite electronics supplier :-)
Description for Image 6:
What remains of the paper is only a very thin face layer (of which the print of the side facing the glue is part of).
Description for Image 7:
Cutting to shape. I tried using sharp knives/scalpels first, but the cuts are not smooth. Then I used my soldering iron to warm up the blade of the knife and this worked very nicely. It just creates bad smells!
Description for Image 8:
The knives used and the MCP panel where the bar is gonna be installed.
Description for Image 9:
The size fits well.
Description for Image 10:
Here's the side with the cut.
Description for Image 11:
from the top
Description for Image 12:
The Disengage bar painted (sort of) white.
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