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Description for Image 1:
After a long time, I finally re-made the upper parts of the throttle levers. The old ones were made for different distance of the levers, so that I had big gaps between the throttle handles, instead of them sitting close toghether as shown here.
Description for Image 2:
The levers are made out of 15x2mm aluminum rods, bent according to a drawing/dxf file I've made to calculate the lenghts and angles.
Description for Image 3:
the throttle unit with the new cover (yellow PCV sheet) and the main throttle levers (steel) to which the aluminum parts will be srewed on.
Description for Image 4:
the front. The holes in the steel levers are not very accurate... which meant I had to calculate all holes to be made in the alu parts out for each lever.
Description for Image 5:
The throttle cover... the material is easy to work with. Its a kind of "foam" PCV. It can be cut with a knife.
Description for Image 6:
The four slots in the PCV cover were partly made (esp. the finnish) with Stephen's XYZ machine (see "Tools" section).
I tried filing it straight, but it didn't work as nice as I would have liked it, so I used the machine to mill the slots.
This came out great :-)
Description for Image 7:
The top parts of the levers mounted in place.
Description for Image 8:
in closeup
Description for Image 9:
Description for Image 10:
Here now the closeup of the machine-milled (but not cleaned up) slot...
Description for Image 11:
This is how the slot looks after cleaning up.
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