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This is the first board of the PCBs for the PICkeymatrix 512 key version.
Its been a while since I made my last PCB, but this time I tried something new:
The toner transfer method. (I you wanna know more about it, use google :-)
Instead of the special paper that is usually used with toner transfer, I made an experiment by using ordinary printer/copier paper. And it worked :-)))
Since I got 1 kilogram of double sided boards for cheap a while ago, I used these.
But since my layout is only one-sided, I tried to put the component side symbols on the top layer of the copper board, using the same method. This is what can be seen in this picture (which was actually made after the solder side was already etched)
This shot was made right after the component side symbols were ironed on and then soaked in water in order to get the paper off while leaving the toner on the copper.
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